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Jakob - Newsletter #23, Mallorca Video Release

Jakob Schubert releases unseen video footage of two of the world’s most difficult deep water soloing routes in two parts.

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"I still and always get goosebumps when I look at the footage of 'Alasha'!" confesses the record World Cup winner from Innsbruck. Even a good year and a half after the first repetition of Chris Sharma's 'Alasha' (link to NL #14) and the successful ascent of 'Es Pontas' in Mallorca, Jakob Schubert goes into raptures when thinking about his time on the Balearic Island:

"2021 was the most successful summer of my career and at the same time insanely nerve-wracking. The first Olympic Games for our sport, my bronze medal, the world championship title in lead a few weeks later and the world cup victory in Innsbruck prior to everything.

Mischa (Michael Piccolruaz) and I had been planning the Mallorca trip all summer and luckily it really worked out. It was the coolest trip I've ever done - the perfect mix of really tough climbing and vacation feeling with a really cool crew and great vibes.

The DWS experience was incredible! The fact that I was able to repeat Chris Sharma's two difficult routes in a single trip topped it all off. The two movies let me relive those emotions. The feeling of being so high above the water was something very special that you never feel in other disciplines!

This discipline is deep in my heart, and I know I want to do it more in the future. Next year at the latest, I think I’ll return to Mallorca. Maybe after the Olympics again."

Jakob Climbing camp
Jakob Climbing camp

Photocredit: Sebastian Marko / ALPSOLUT