Breaking records with a win in Villars


Jakob - Newsletter #22

Jakob Schubert won his 20th Lead World Cup gold medal at the IFSC World Cup in Villars (SUI), and the 23rd World Cup gold medal across all disciplines, making him the men’s all-time record holder.

He shared the podium with his long-time friends Adam Ondra (2nd) and Alexander Megos (3rd) making it one of the “oldest / most experienced” podiums in climbing history.

“It feels so amazing, it’s been a while especially in the World Cup. I spoke to Adam [Ondra] and Alex [Megos] in Innsbruck, the field is so strong now it’s an achievement just to make finals.

Jakob Climbing camp

After a successful start of the lead season with a bronze medal at the World Cup in Innsbruck, this win comes exactly 738 days after his last world cup win. Schubert says:

“Going against these old guys, and the youngsters, it was amazing to come out on top today. It also feels amazing to be on the podium with two great friends. I‘ve been competing for 20 years now and one thing I know for sure is I‘d have either stopped a long time ago or never been so successful if it wasn‘t for all the great training buddies and friends at the circuit.”

Schubert now focuses on training for the World Championships in Bern in August.

Jakob Climbing camp
Jakob Climbing camp

Photocredit: Lena Drapella / IFSC