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Jakob - Newsletter #25, World Championships Bern

Outstanding Schubert wins another gold medal and Olympic ticket

After his brilliant gold medal in Lead, the 32-year-old Innsbruck climber followed up with a great performance in the final competition at the Climbing World Championships in Bern (SUI). In the Olympic format, the Boulder & Lead combination, the exceptional climber once again showed his class, won his eleventh World Championship medal and secured his ticket for the Summer Olympics in Paris 2024.

What a crowning conclusion at the Climbing World Championships in Bern! Jakob Schubert delivered once again after with the sixth world championship gold medal in the Olympic combined format for the record holder. Schubert laid the foundation for first place and the Olympic ticket in bouldering. After an impressive four tops and 99.6 points, he was in second place after the first part of the competition - just 0.1 points behind leader Tomoa Narasaki (JPN) - and put himself in an excellent starting position for Lead. "It's unbelievable how the World Championship has worked out for me and now I can take home another title. I knew, with a good bouldering round, I have chances. I started extremely well and realized that the only climber doing better than me was Tomoa. That gave me an incredible boost. After that, I was all in and I really delivered. The situation was great, but mentally challenging. Normally I can attack from behind, now I had to defend my position," Schubert explains.

Perfect starting situation used

After a short break, the decisive Lead competition followed, Schubert's preferred discipline. The Olympic bronze medalist once again put in a strong performance, keeping his competitors at bay and overtaking the half-time leader from Japan with impressive climbing. In the end, Schubert reached 42 holds in the lead and crowned himself the deserved world champion with 183.6 points. Silver went to Collin Duffy of the U.S. (160.7 points), while bronze went to Tomoa Narasaki of Japan (156.7 points). In addition to precious metal, the trio could also enjoy the Olympic ticket for Paris 2024.

"I am glad that I had the nerves so under control. I was aware that this was a perfect opportunity for me, I wanted to take this chance. I got everything out of it, even if I should have climbed the end of the lead route a little differently. The title means a lot to me. I'm just proud of everything I've been able to achieve in the last few years and how many gold medals are already hanging in my house," Schubert says with a big grin.

"Olympic spot" by announcement

Jakob Schubert is not one to beat around the bush or hide behind empty phrases. So it was hardly surprising that the announcement before the Climbing World Championships in Bern was clearly formulated. The passionate chess player once again kept his word, delivered on day X in the manner of Swiss clockwork and took one of the three Olympic spots: "The lead climbing gold medal was great, an important milestone for me. I came to Bern and wanted to get the ticket for the Summer Olympics in Paris right away at the first opportunity. I'm really happy that it happened this way, that I was able to deliver my performance in both competitions and that I can take home another gold medal. The certainty that I will now be in Paris makes my planning for the year a lot easier. Now I just want to enjoy the moment. I'm taking home a lot of great memories and was really impressed by the atmosphere in the arena. Incredibly cool!"

Photocredit: Lena Drapella / Jan Virt / IFSC