‘Super Schubert’ wins double at the Rock Master in Arco


Jakob - Newsletter #16, Rockmaster 20222 | Arco | Italy

Climbing world champion Jakob Schubert wins bouldering and lead climbing at the traditional competition in Italy and looks confidently towards the European Championships in Munich.

Dubbed 'Super Schubert' by the Italian public, the Tokyo Olympic bronze medallist is back on the winning track after overcoming a covid illness. The 31-year-old from Innsbruck is crowned 'Rock Master 2022' after individual victories in bouldering and lead climbing. Jakob Schubert now feels well prepared for the European Championships in August.

The 35th edition of the legendary Rock Master Festival in Arco, Italy, was firmly in Austrian hands with the combined victories of Jessica Pilz and Jakob Schubert. After 2019, Schubert triumphed again at a venue that holds many emotions for the Tyrolean.

"Arco is on the one hand a very legendary event that has been around forever, and on the other hand the Rock Master takes place in a location that almost feels like a second, small home for me. I've been here so many times, among the rocks on Lake Garda I feel extremely comfortable. Some of my first rock experiences as a 12, 13-year-old I had here at various training camps, and I have many memories associated with it."

With a flash on the last boulder, the first competition in the afternoon goes to Schubert; only a few hours later there is a perfect duel on the lead wall between the best friends and long-time flat mates Michael Piccolruaz, competing for Italy in Tokyo, and Jakob Schubert.

"It is definitely something special to climb with and against Mischa. We already made up our minds in advance to go so fast in the qualification that we would only meet in the final. That really worked out and we almost didn't care who would win in the end. I would have been just as happy if he had won. That was certainly my most special duel final ever!"
Jakob Schubert isst traditionelle Japanische Nudeln

In the end, the bronze medallist from Tokyo mastered the wall in just slightly over a minute (01:01min) ahead of his Italian competitor and considers the first test after overcoming his Covid illness a success.

"In the last two weeks it has gone uphill quite a bit both with my recovery and the skin and I was able to train well again. The upward trend was especially noticeable last week and now I feel really good again for the first time. Arco is a bit of a special competition with the duel and the knockout format. It was extremely fun!"

After the successful trip to Lake Garda, the next competition on the agenda is the European Climbing Championships in Munich. There, the new Olympic combination will be climbed for the first time.

"In order to be allowed to compete in the combined event in the Olympic format, you have to finish in the top eight in both bouldering and lead climbing. So, my concentration is on the individual disciplines first."

A Schubert never comes without ambitions and still reveals his objective:

"The European Championships are the big highlight this year and the first goal is to get into the final for the combination and to test the format for the first time. On the way there, I want to win a medal in bouldering and lead climbing. I will give everything for that, I am really looking forward to it!"
Jakob Schubert isst traditionelle Japanische Nudeln
Jakob Schubert redrocks
Rock Master Trophy Men
1 Jakob Schubert AUT
2 Filip Schenk ITA
3 Michael Piccolruaz ITA

Photocredit: newspower.it